About Oral History Western Australia

Our aims

Oral History Western Australia (OHWA) is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit body which offers a range of services to its members including events, training opportunities and equipment hire.

The organisation, a state member of Oral History Australia (OHA), aims to:

  • promote the practice and methods of oral history
  • educate in the use of oral history methods
  • encourage discussions on all aspects of oral history
  • foster the preservation of oral history records

Our history

Established on 9 March 1980, Western Australia was the third state branch to be formed under the Oral History Association of Australia (now Oral History Australia) – after South Australia and New South Wales. Yet it was a West Australian, the late Jean Teasdale, who played a key role in establishing the national body in 1978.


OHWA is governed by a management committee elected at the annual general meeting. The committee comprises office holders and ordinary committee members.


President: Tracy Willet

Vice President: Kyra Edwards 

Secretary: Lynn O’Hara

Treasurer: Linda Wang 

Committee members: Susan Hall (Speakers/Events and Training), Elaine Rabbitt (Accreditation workshop coordinator), Laurel Smith (Membership Registrar) and Jan McCahon Marshall (Training)

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