Equipment hire

Oral History Western Australia (OHWA) offers an equipment hire service for its members. There is no charge for hiring equipment but an insurance bond is required.

Members of Oral History WA have free access to the following equipment free of charge.

Members will be required to fill out the equipment hiring form and will be required to pay a $100 deposit for the equipment. If the equipment is returned undamaged the $100 bond will be returned to you. Please see terms and condition for further information.

Digital equipment

  • Marantz PMD660 recorder with microphone and compact flash card
  • Marantz PMD671 recorder with microphone and compact flash card


Analogue Transcriber

  • Sony tape recorder (suitable for playback of tapes when transferring analogue interviews to digital files. Not suitable for recording.
  • Transcriber with headphones and foot-pedal
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